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Our indoor & evening entertainment packages have proven to be a sure fire winner. We offer wide range of evening entertainment. This can be from our wide range of games hire options on a casual come and play basis. Perfect for informal parties and networking events.
If you are looking for a more informal evening please visit our game hire page for inspiration!
Our structured evening entertainment workshops and participation activities offer the perfect opportunity for team bonding, socializing, bonding & generally having a fun and memorable time with friends & colleagues.
Our Evening & Indoor Entertainments are some of the most cost effective, interactive and enjoyable events on the corporate scene to day. Whether you are looking for a simple activity for a small group of friends & colleagues or a l lavish evening in which many activities and entertainments are included, we have the entertainment to suit your requirements.
With many years experience in corporate entertainment, The Corporate Event Company are able to supply the best entertainment in the industry.
There are a huge number of evenings that we can offer you from Wine Tasting and Ghost Hunts to Simulators and Games to Murder Mysteries.
We specialise in providing & delivering the best events available:

The Wine Experience

We’ve all seen the shows on TV that take us to some of the most picturesque places on earth and tell us about the incredible fruitiness and after taste of the wines of the region. Have you ever wanted to see what the fuss is all about? Well now you can, our Wine tasting evenings will take guests on a journey of taste and seduction and have their palette experience some of the best & maybe not the best tasting wines of the world. Our very own wine connoisseur will take you through the techniques and skills needed to select the best.
Guide Price:      £45 Per Head + VAT

Antiques Auction

Fancy yourself as the next presenter for the BBC’s Antiques Road-show? or can you tell the difference between a £1000 antique and a £10 car boot horror? Our antiques evening will see teams battle it out head to head and  complete the challenges set out, from guess the value., the ages or the use of the artefacts presented. Your host for the evening could very well MR John Cameron – one of the daytime presenters from BBC’s Cash in the Attic, who is more than used to spotting a bargain or even a fake!
Guide Price:      £60 Per Head +VAT

Murder Mystery

A Murder Mystery has always been an exciting and enjoyable evening for all involved and our murder mystery evenings are no exception. We have a variety of themes and stories to suit any evening. From the most outrageous events and action, to a very relaxed and subtle story that requires true detective skills.
As your guests arrive they will be greeted by the host who will welcome his/her guests for the evening. As characters come & go, keep a sharp eye for any strange goings on, as things may not be as they seem.
 Guide Price:      £40 Per Head +VAT

Ghost Hunt

Our ghost hunts are one of the most enjoyable and memorable evening entertainment available. Based on TV’s Most Haunted, guests will be given a pack of all the unexplained activities that have been going on. It is then their job to discover for themselves what the interest is all about and whether they are in fact, strange goings on. Incorporating a cryptic treasure hunt and live actors, guests will be given the most exciting and ‘heart pounding’ evening of their lives. With exclusive access to the venues location guests will be sent to all areas from the fully lit dining room to the pitch black upper corridor and the mist filled grounds. Teams will complete the various challenges and tasks set in order to complete the activities.
Guide Price:      £35 Per Head + VAT

Simulators and Games

 We all remember the days when we used to take our pocket money and headed off down to the local games arcade and play on Space Invaders or the latest Pinball machine. Well now we all can re-live those memories without having to have a pocket full of pound coins. Our Simulator and Games evening will incorporate all your old favourites, as well as some new exciting games.
We have a huge choice of arcade simulators and more traditional games available.
Guide Price:      £50 Per Head + VAT

Chocolate Delight

What better way of getting the taste buds attention, than to have a whole evening dedicated to one of our best loved passions – ‘Chocolate’ Our Chocolate Delight evening event will consist of a number of different elements. From learning the basics of chocolate making to the decoration and presentation of covered fruit and sweets, our lively host will ensure you get the full chocolate experience.
To enhance the evening’s activities there will be a competitive element to proceedings. Teams will compete against each other in order to become master chocolate maker.
Guide Price:      £50 Per Head + VAT

All the Fun of the Fair

Let us re-create ‘All The Fun of the Fair’. For one night only we are here to entertain you & your guests. Using a mix of traditional side stalls, games and activities we can bring all the sights, smells & sounds of a fairground to your office, hotel or venue of your choice.
Running the evening either as a competitive challenge or as a free play event – ‘The Pier-Less Entertainer’, you can be sure that a good time will be had by all. From the hall of mirrors to the candy floss stall, you and your guests will be transported back to an evening of traditional values and fun.
Guide Price:      £50 Per Head + VAT

Big Toys for All

This is an evening with something for everyone. Using a clever combination of games and activities to suit both male and female guests our ‘Big Toys for Girls and Boys’  evening will see everyone involved battling it out to be capped ‘Biggest Kid’.
Suitable as an after dinner activity, conference breakout, ice breaker, team build or incentive, this event is sure to entertain & bond guests.
With a wide range of entertainments to choose from this event is sure to be a winner – engaging, lively and above all entertaining.
 Guide Price:      £75 Per Head + VAT


No evening or party is complete without an entertainment or act in some shape or form. With years of experience and a great relationship with entertainers & artistes we can offer you some of the best and most entertaining acts and professionals within the entertainment industry. Why not have a close up magician working the tables during the dinner to wow guests with their skills.
Not only can we suggest and supply the best individual acts for your events we can supply you with some fantastic bands and group entertainers too. Whether you require a live band or even a full stage performance we will be happy to work with your requirements and offer you the right entertainment for you.
Guide Price:      Various

Stocks and Shares

The Stock Market has always been a place that millions of pounds are either made or lost within a matter of seconds. A work place where stress levels are sky high as well as people’s adrenaline. All these factors and more that are found on ‘the floor’ are taken out of context and placed into our tongue in cheek evening’s entertainment. To start things rolling, guests will be split into teams and given a pre-determined amount of stocks and shares. It is then the task of the teams to watch the market values the corporate shares and attempt to buy and sell as much as they can over the course of the evening and be the team who are valued the most by the close of trade.
Guide Price:      £60 Per Head + VAT

Company’s Got Talent/Wow Factor

Loosely based on a selection of well known talent shows, our Companies Got Talent /Wow Factor evening will be one of the most fun packed and hilarious evenings you will have experienced. Using a combination of variety acts and performances we aim to find the most talented and entertaining teams in your company.
The evening will begin by the event team welcoming your guests to this very entertaining evening. Guests will then be split into teams & given a selection of acts, entertainments & props available. Team participation is the key to success.
Guide Price:      £50 Per Head + VAT

Video Race Night

If you’re looking for a fun interactive format for your evening’s entertainment, then why not book one of our Video Race Nights. Race Nights are still one of our most popular events. Whether you are looking for after dinner entertainment or to complete a sales kick off, we have the most complete audience participated and cost effective evening entertainment around. The Race Night can run during your evening meal or as part of a separate evening’s activity. Either way it is a unique way of bonding individuals and teams whilst bringing you all the excitement of the race course, without having to leave your seat or parting with real money.
Our Race Night involves 6 to 8 full races in which each team competes for ‘fun money’. Each race involves 8 horses and varies from flat races to hurdles, with the odd pig race!
Guide Price:      £20 Per Head + VAT

The Ultimate Game Show

This is the game show to end all game shows.  A subtle blend of popular TV game shows put into one corporate challenge.  Incorporating all your new and old favourites: Play Your Cards Right, Generation Game, Deal or No Deal, The Price is Right and X Factor, the evening is hosted by our very own cheesy compares: Lionel Flare, Phil Pesquali, Loan Edmunds, all with the support of the not so attractive event crew.
Background music drops, lights out, then, a flash combined with full light effects & smoke.  “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome your host for the evening…” our lively and energetic host bounds on to the stage to his very own theme tune and welcomes everyone to the fun packed evening.
Guide Price:      £50 Per Head + VAT

Fun Casino Evenings

Fun Casino Evenings prove to be a very successful & popular form of entertainment.  Your guests will be given a pre-determined amount of ‘Corporate Event Fun Money’ usually £200. Your guests can then exchange the fun money at the casino tables for chips & try their luck on the tables.  At the end of the evening all the chips will be counted up by our dealers, & the person or syndicate with the most money will be the winner of a complimentary bottle of Champagne.
Guide Price:      £325 1st Table £175 2nd + VAT

Cocktail Trends

Have you ever sat at a bar watching the professional bartenders showing off, or have you watched that Tom Cruise movie one too many times and thought, I could do that (or at least I would like to try!) Well now you can, Cocktail Trends is a new high energy event that will have all involved laughing and enjoying themselves whilst learning new skills from our professionals to take home & impress. Using only the finest ingredients and drinks, you and your clients will experience first-hand the world and art of cocktail making.
Guide Price:      £40 Per Head + VAT

Pub Games Night

When was the last time you had a good head to head competition with fellow work mates? One that picks your knowledge of many different subjects and creates a fantastic atmosphere in the room as you and your team try to out do the others!
Our Pub Games night can cater for any size party with any number of teams, making it an ideal Ice Breaker or evening Team Building Challenge. With well over 100 questions on all manner of topics, our games night is the ideal entertainment for your evening activity.
Guide Price:      £40 Per Head + VAT

Money Bonanza

This is a fast and furious evening’s entertainment that will have all involved battling it out to win the most Fun Money by the end of the evening.
The idea of the evening is that teams must collect the most money they can within the time period. Money can be won by playing on various activities and being awarded price money or playing against other teams and betting on the result.
Guide Price: £50 Per Head + VAT

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