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Our corporate team building events are designed to promote effective teamwork through a series of group tasks and activities that require effective communication and co-operation.
Whether you are welcoming new employees to the team or simply trying to improve inter-departmental communication, team building exercises can be used to help you achieve these goals in a relaxed and fun-filled rewarding environment.
We aim to encourage teamwork, communication and bonding in all our team events. If you have any specific message you want to convey we will tailor your event to relay your bespoke requirements.
We have over 15 years experience in the corporate event industry. We have worked for blue chip companies, international and local companies, 5 employees or thousands, one thing they all have in common – their ambition for success and believing their staff are at the heart of this. We have depots throughout the South of England and operate in London, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, West Sussex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.
Our event team are looking forward to being part of your next event! The following details below contain an overview of our most popular team building events, if you require other ideas or further information please contact us.

Country Pursuits

The Country Pursuits Event is a combination of country based outdoor challenges & experiences. During the course of the event participants will be encouraged to work as a team & in turn play a key part to the success of the team. They will also be required to work as individuals for the benefit of the team!
We have a wide range of country pursuits for our clients to choose from. In turn this will represent the wide range of people’s skills, abilities, and perceptions. Activities can include: Archery, Quad Bikes, 4×4 Driving, Geese Herding, Falconry and Laser Clay / Real Clay Shooting, Axe Throwing, Crossbows, The Farm Challenge!
Objectives: New Skills, Communication, Team Bonding, Reward, Teamwork
Event Type: Outdoor Team Guide Price: £95 per head

Motorsports Unlimited

The Motorsports Unlimited Event is a combination of off road driving experiences and challenges. On offer are: Hovercrafts, Dune Buggies, Segways, Blindfold 4×4, Reverse Steer Driving, Quad Bikes and Powerturns. An action packed event for all. Designed to encourage ‘fun’ competition and teamwork, the event will encourage team communication and individual achievements.
Objectives: Individual Commitment, Team Work, Reward, Team Bonding, Trust
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £110 Per Head

Multi-Activity Challenge

The Multi-Activity Challenge is a combination of physical & mental challenges. Using a clever combination of Motorised Activities, Inflatable fun, Shooting and Team Work Challenges all designed to encourage team bonding. Teams will have to work together in the pooling all of their skills and enthusiasm to complete a variety of activities standing between them and the prize.
Objectives: Trust, Leadership, Bonding, Negotiation
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £90 Per Head

Wacky Races

The Wacky Races – Go Kart Challenge is one of the most enjoyable, entertaining and team orientated activities available. It is your team’s task to collect as much funds as possible by participating in a range of challenges. Teams must theme their go-karts & will be required to design & decorate their karts ready for the parade and final race. The event involves every member of the team confirming that success can be achieved by working together, combined with a lot of fun on the way.
Objectives: Competition, Creativity, Negotiation,
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £60 Per Head

Team Apprentice

Inspired by the successful television series, this treasure hunt is a competitive & fun team-building event. Apprentice Teams will be given a set of tasks to complete in the allocated time & within a set budget. To help the apprentice teams on their way they will be given an executive people carrier, driver, Ipad & GPS. With the challenges set out, this event will encourage a wide range of people’s skills, abilities, and perceptions. The day will be competitive & rewarding, but above all fun.
Objectives: Negotiation, Decision Making, Coordination
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £110 Per Head

It’s A Knockout

The Knockout Olympics is a highly entertaining, visual & fun team event full of weird & wacky games. Games can be run dry, but most of the games run better with a little water literally thrown in. Rousing music and under the instruction of our event team and motivational MC teams will be required to participate in games such as: Water Works, Caterpillar Run, Duck Rescue and White Water Rafting!
Objectives: Teamwork, communication, Motivation, Delegation
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £70 Per Head

Hollywood Blockbuster

What better way to stretch your team’s creativity and communication skills than have them plan, script, direct, perform and edit their very own 5 minute Movie Blockbuster? Whatever your occasion or objective you can be sure that your team’s are in for an entertaining, rewarding and above all motivational team building experience. This is the opportunity to be the hero, the baddy or even that monster from outer-space, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Costumes, Props, Ipad Camera and editing, Lighting, Boom microphone and the very necessary clapperboard!
Objectives: Creativity, Method, Trust, Teamwork
Event Type: Indoor/Outdoor Guide Price: £75 Per Head

Spy School / Academy

Your team are required to boost the ranks of the local spy academy, but will they be more Johnny English than 007? Our Spy Academy is a fun tongue in cheek event, but probably the closest most of us will get to becoming a fully trained member of any secret organisation (all this achieved within a day as well), and without leaving the grounds or comfort of our country hotel. All recruits will be trained in all the skills needed to become a top spy and with more than one team training, who will be crowned Spy Team of the Year?
Objectives: Problem Solving, Risk, Team Bonding
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £110 Per Head

Super Heroes – Dash for Cash

Team will race against the clock to gain as much cash as possible. The MD is announcing the company results. As he does two ‘Jokers’ appear & drag him of kicking & screaming. Left behind is a scrap of paper with the message ‘Your MD has been detained. We require £1,000,000 of Super Hero Fun Money by 1700hrs’. It appears the ‘Baddies’ are up to their old tricks – playing dirty. Teams such as Batman’s Back, Thor and the Rocks, Iron Mans Revenge, Super Team, will participate in the various activities and will be rewarded with Super Hero Fun Money & dependent on the success – enough to free the MD & reap the rewards that your success may bring.
Objectives: Teamwork, Time Management, Communication
Event Type: Outdoor or Indoor Guide Price: £90 Per Head

School Sports Day

This wacky sports day is a fun & energetic team-building event for people who can’t necessarily remember what it’s all about! The day is aimed at having fantastic fun but with the key elements being team participation and working together to complete the tasks ahead. ‘Pupils’ will take part in various track races and field games in order to be crowned sports day champions. Teams will be put into their very own house teams / colours and will be in competition with the other houses. Pupils are encouraged to arrive in uniform and bonus points are available for the best dressed teams.
Objectives: Motivation, Teamwork, Support, Delegation
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £50 Per Head


There are so many TV programmes around on how to survive and what to do in the great outdoors but there is nothing better than experiencing it for yourself. Our team of instructors will take you and your team back to the very basic skills needed to survive in the wild. You will learn basic skills for Shelter Building, Fire Lighting, Water Purification, Knife and Axe skills, Map Work and Orienteering. This is your chance to get back to basics and learn the skills that could potentially mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation.
Objectives: New Skills, Idea Sharing, Planning, Timeframe, Teamwork
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £75 Per Head


Inflata-Mania is a fantastic and exciting activity that involves many different challenges each using a variety of Inflatable Games. Using skills of balance and coordination with strength and sheer determination you and your team compete to be Inflata-Maniacs! Teams will go head to head on a variety of activities to see who will win. This event involves all members of the team whether it be taking part as a whole team or encouraging your fellow members as they individually take part, only the strongest group and most supportive will succeed!
Objectives: Energizer, Motivation, Competition, Team Bonding
Event Type: Outdoor Guide Price: £75 Per Head

Small Groups

Providing effective team building for class room based events and outdoor building exercises for small groups are our forte. Tasks and challenges are fun based but have a serious intent – to build teams, allow communication, improve working relationships, enhance possibilities, close projects, and encourage trust & opinions.
Objectives: Problem Solving, planning, cooperation, support, communication
Event Type: Indoor or Outdoor Guide Price: £50 Per Head

Table Top – Team Building

A facilitated team-building event, offering table ‘top’ & class room based challenges & tasks. Suitable for all manner of events, whether looking for a conference refresher or an afternoon’s team building in the workplace, this is sure to fit your requirements. Catering for 5 to literally 100’s. Using a clever combination of games and cryptic challenges, clients will be encouraged to communicate with each other and work through tasks together as each activity will require participation from all in order to be completed.
Objectives: Teamwork, planning, decision making
Event Type: Indoor Guide Price: £50 Per Head

Teamwork Challenge

The Teamwork Challenge is a combination of physical & mental challenges. We have a wide range of challenges available & in turn represent the wide range of people’s skills, abilities, and perceptions. The day will be competitive & rewarding, but above all – fun & nobody will participate in an activity they do not wish to but will be encouraged to discuss their ‘fears’ with the instructors or field manager on the day.
Objectives: problem solving, collaboration, trust, communication
Event Type: Outdoor or Indoor Guide Price: £75 Per Head


The challenge includes 4 rounds of physical & mental challenges to suit all. The teams will have to combine their individual skills to solve the conundrums, to complete the logic busting problems & successfully negotiate the assault course, all with the ultimate goal of becoming the Krypton team of the day.
Objectives: Leadership, trust, problem solving, idea sharing
Event Type: Outdoor or Indoor Guide Price: £80 Per Head

Crystal Haze

Based on the popular game show, this team building challenge has four zones to complete: Aztec – a mental challenge, Futuristic – Physical, Medieval – skill, Industrial – mystery plus a cash cube finally. The more successful the team is in completing the challenge the more time they will be given in the ‘Cube’. The team with the most Crystals will win this engaging team event.
Objectives: Trust, Teamwork
Guide Price: £100 Per Head

The Italian Job II

A fun and engaging event that will see teams take part in this long awaited sequel! Teams will be issued with Mini Coopers, Ipads, 2 way radios, GPS and brief cases (to reclaim the lost gold bullion). Four team members per car and the ‘tools of the trade teams will compete in a variety of challenges. Involving communication, fun and some beautiful (or not) locations you can be sure with this event that will not be forgotten in a hurry.
Guide Price: £140 Per Head

Mouse Trap

This is a team building event inspired by the board game. Teams are required to work together to achieve the task. Not only are teams responsible for their task, they must be aware of the bigger objective – the finished result, what started out as a room full of ‘bits’ never fails to inspire groups and show them what they are capable of when they apply a teamwork and lateral thinking.
Guide Price: £60 Per Head

100 – The Big Challenge

Can your team complete the 100 challenges within the limited time frame available? From Sumo Wrestling, to Plexus Puzzles, Name that Tune to Candy Floss Making. Scavenger Hunt to Millionaire. This very varied event ensures there is something for everyone and allows the opportunity for everybody to shine in a team environment.
Objectives: Fun, Teamwork, Communication, Decision making
Guide Price: £75 Per Head

Big Toys For All

A fun and engaging team bonding event, suitable for indoors and outdoors or a combination of both (and dependant on the activities you choose). From our very exhilerating Dune Buggies to Giant Scalextric a must for all big kids alike, Golf Simulators to Giant Human Table Football. Teams will compete in six activites to be honoured with the Title of ‘Biggest Kid’!
Objectives: Fun, Team Bonding, Reward, Incentive
Guide Price: £90 Per Head

Lets’ Get Animated

Let’s Get Animated is a creative team building exercise and we are looking for the new Wallace and Gromitt! Teams will be required to create 3d plasticine characters, write a script for them to feature in and then film and produce a short animated movie with the new heros and villains. The premiere is shown and nominations received!!
Objectives: Planning, Meeting Deadlines, Creativity, Idea Sharing
Guide Price: £75 Per Head

The Bigger Picture

One for all, all for one! Here teams work on an individual canvas, with no idea what the other teams are doing. Teams believe they are competing against each other, but the unknown objective is to produce a grand masterpiece combining all teams artworks to produce a ‘giant masterpiece’!
Objectives: Support, Cooperation, Communication
Guide Price: £60 Per Head

Your Chariot Awaits

Each team will be supplied a model kit with materials and a blueprint to build their very own full-scale chariot. Each chariot is styled and decorated to a theme. The finale event is the Chariot Challenge – a fast-paced race to requiring speed and skill combined to test control and build quality!
Objectives: Design, Teamwork, Communication, Procedure, Risk Assessment
Guide Price: £75 Per Head


More Shaun of the Dead than Waking the Dead, learn all the skills required to defend yourself in any Apocalyptic situation. From Pistol Shooting to ‘Knock your Block Off’, this fun team building event is not only gruesome but stangely satisfying. Why not finish off the event with our Thriller Workshop, complete with wardrobe, make up and effects.
Objectives: Risk Taking, Decision Making, Time Management
Guide Price: £90 Per Head

Office Olympics

An indoor or outdoor team building event, offering a very alternative Olympics. From the Bungee Challenge to Giant Shove Ha’penny. Team Sports such as Inflatable Volleyball, Human Table Football. Indoor challenges such as Batak Speed Reaction and Laser Shooting. What you can be sure of is a fun and competitive team event.
Objectives: Competition, Cooperation, Partnering
Guide Price: £75 Per Head

The Chase

A treasure hunt with a difference! This team challenge combines our challenging team tasks. However before you can reach the secret event locations, teams must first find them. With the aid of ‘Chase Pack’, Land Rover or Executive People Carrier, Driver, Satellite Navigation, Maps and Phones, teams will set out to first find the event stations then compete in the success of the Chase!
Objectives: Teamwork, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Lateral Thinking
Guide Price: £110 Per Head

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